Well, it’s time for a new post, and I am going to vent for a second.

As you guys know, I’m studying abroad in Argentina right now, and unfortunately, that means I do have school (sometimes). Since I’m only here for two more weeks, my profesores are jamming tests, papers, and all sorts of random mumbo jumbo into my schedule, and as per usual, all I want to do is write…

Therefore, I wanted to send out a little update as to what I’m doing in the realm of my favorite thing in the world (BOOK!), and I know some of you guys really do care about what I’m working on next, so here we go.

Over Christmas break, I started a new magical realism novel that takes place on a Tennessee farm. After getting to 75,000 words in the short span of four weeks, I was ecstatic, but unsure of how I wanted to end the book. Fast forward to now, early April, and I have lost a little bit of that magic.

I trimmed down the book and am going in a new direction, which I’m really excited about. However, I may not be able to really write the rest until I get home to the States. Therefore, I anticipate the book will be ready in the next month or so. At the latest, it will be published in June.

This book is a little darker than my normal style. As you know, I love to experiment with different genres, and this is more along the lines of Dark Descent than my latest romance release, Mystic Mississippi. I almost wonder if I should create different pen names for my many different genres ;).

I’m sure I’ll write another blog post before the book gets close to being done, but if not, I hope everyone is doing great out in this vast world. As for me, the reality of leaving Argentina is setting in, and though I love this country, I’m also thrilled to go home and eat some delicious biscuits. Ridiculous, I know.

Until next time,



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