As most of you know, I’m studying abroad in Argentina. I have been here since September, and it is crazy to think how fast (and, at times, slow) this year has gone. Currently, I’m sitting in an Argentine version of Starbucks called Havanna, working on this blog post. It is funny because I came to this very Havanna with some friends the first weekend here.

Therefore, I want to say that this year has been both one of the easiest and hardest years of my life. How is that possible? Well, I think physically, my body has been through the wringer. From facial mosquito bites covering my entire cheek to a case of acute bronchitis, I’m physically at an all-time low. I’ve learned that constant, non-stop travel can do that to you. However, that being said, this year has created some of my easiest, favorite friendships, the school side of things hasn’t been too challenging, and on the writing front, I’ve been both a maniac and forced with a case of writer’s block.

Therefore, I’m going to write a few things I’m thankful about, because I only have 168 more hours in this country, and then I’ll be shipped back on a plane to LAX…


My Argentine padres are some of the sweetest people on the planet who feed me like a queen and who truly care about my goals, aspirations, and health. One thing about being sick is that I got to stay at home and be with them a little more than usual.


What is a subte? It’s the Buenos Aires subway system, and I’m constantly taking a subte to class. I’ve witnessed public break-ups, street artists, musicians, sweet families, and been uncomfortable more times than I can count, but my daily rides on the subte force me to listen to the Spanish around me and become part of the Argentine culture, especially now that my fourth pair of headphones is broken. (That is a story for another day, but not listening to music as I walk to class has actually been beneficial, because I love listening to the people around me.)

3. MY ROACH FAM (don’t ask)

Going abroad really develops some of your wildest friendships. I came to Buenos Aires with my best friend, and I’m leaving with five or six more truly close friends. We’ve gone through so much together, and while I am sad to leave them for a little bit, we’ll be reunited soon… 🙂 Life in Buenos Aires would have been impossible without them, and some of these people will truly be in my life forever.


I am a weird creature, because I find myself constantly homesick. While I’ve gotten better at it over the past few years, I find myself always missing my hometown (which really means my family and friends back in the South). Therefore, I made a countdown at the beginning of this semester to check off the days until I could fly home, and now that I only have seven more checks on the piece of paper, I’m really at a loss at how time flies.

I will miss Argentina, but I’m not opposed to visiting again. In fact, I think I will be back. However, this year abroad has made me truly appreciate all I have in the States, and I’m ready to go back.

I’m ready for some BK croissants and large Polar Pops. (For those of you who don’t know, I’ve got a true addiction to Diet Coke.) And I’m ready to see my pet guinea pig.

Until next time,


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