When life comes in threes…

Hello, my lovely readers! I am happy to announce the publishing of my latest romance novel, The Third Wheel, which will be available on the first of August. The Third Wheel is part of a trilogy that will focus on three Argentine-American sisters.

So, to celebrate the new book, I thought I would answer a few questions!


Kristina Flores is a young woman who always seems to be a favorite third wheel. When a mysterious man saves her from a failed three-person date, Kristina discovers that she may have found someone to share her pain. However, Tristan Taylor, Kristina’s mystery man, holds a secret to his past relationship history… And it may take a village (which includes Kristina’s dramatic Argentine American family) and an arranged trip to the Cayman Islands to help this couple find love for just the two of them.


After finishing a magical realism novel in May, I was craving some romance. For whatever reason, romance has always been the easiest thing to write for me, and magical realism requires excessive thought. Therefore, to cool down, I thought I’d write a romance book (which then became a trilogy, LOL).

And also… Who doesn’t have some experience as a third wheel? 😉


The next novel in the series, The Wedding Party, will be released on September 1. The book centers on Miranda Flores, a personal assistant living in California, who falls for her best friend’s fiancé’s brother. It was even more fun to write than The Third Wheel.


As always, I love when you guys read my posts. Thank you so much for your viewership and commitment to an unknown writer. It is always so much fun to check out your blogs as well. 🙂

Until next time,


The cover art for the new book!!

8 thoughts on “THE THIRD WHEEL”

  1. Congratulations, My Dear!! Bravo, bravo!!! What a great accomplishment! I’m hoping you shoot to the top with a bullet! I also want to thank you so very much for all your views and supporting my blog with your precious time. I hope you will continue to find my words worthy of your time!!!

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  2. Plz tell me, how old are you.. I am already fascinated with your achievements… novel upon novel… private pilot.. short stories and poetries…i am reading your work here as i want to improve my writing.. I m a new writer.. and author as wordpress says😉 …i hv much to say but don’t hv words to describe…. please guide me about how to describe the scene… as i hv seen many blogs about writers block but find yours one nearest to my heart.. I am sure your guidance will help me a lot…though english is not my native language but I m trying to write it as i m much weaker in my native one.. Plz share your views regarding my blogs.. Thank you… and once again.. you are amazing.

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    1. For sure, I will check out your blog later today! It is a busy afternoon for me, but I will make sure to look at some of your work later. And your English sounds very good to me 🙂


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