You never know whom you’re going to get…

It’s that time again… A new book is ready to be published!

As some of you guys know, I spent my summer writing as fast and furiously as I could. I completed five novels within four months, and it was some of the best creativity I’ve had in a while, though it was quite a lot. Three of these books were written as The Flores Sisters Trilogy, and The Blind Date is the final chapter.

These books were so much fun to write, and The Blind Date was probably the most fun of them all. Personally, I think it is the best one of the series, especially since it is not set up like a traditional love story. (If you read it, you will find out why!)

Here is a little synopsis for you:

Tessa Flores is a bubbly, outgoing librarian who is set up on a blind date with the awkward but kind Dev Virani, a computer programmer. As the two are introduced and learn they have more in common than they thought, the mysterious Oscar Owens poses that they take part in an elaborate treasure hunt that sends them to some of Memphis’s most interesting haunts: salsa clubs, antiques malls, the Mississippi River… All while learning that love is the most rewarding treasure of all.




Thank you guys, as always, for your support during this journey. I promise I have more books coming soon, but it will be a little while before the next one is out. (And, *cough cough*, it will not be a romance book.)

Until next time,





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