GLUTTONY (a poem)

There’s a lump in my stomach
that should not be. It spindles
and spindles a web within me.

I eat and I eat until I can eat
no more, but this does not matter
to me; I’m not that poor.

Not like those who have nothing,
their stomachs rotted; yet I feast
and drink, my arteries clotted.

And then I’m aware of the raw,
complicit truth: Gluttony, oh
Gluttony! You make me uncouth.

You’re a craving my swollen body
wishes to remain, but my sojourner’s
spirit sighs slowly: “Not this again.”


(Latin for “to gulp down or swallow”) means over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items, particularly as status symbols.Β -Wikipedia once more

Gluttony, oh gluttony! You make me uncouth. And if we’re being honest, you strip me of my youth!

When I think of gluttons, my mind first heads on over to the movieΒ Seven, a 1995 thriller starring Brad Pitt and the legendary Morgan Freeman. It’s a murder story revolving around the Seven Deadly Sins (gasp!), and the glutton in the story is a big poppa man, someone who has over-indulged himself to death.

But the truth is that I commit the sin of gluttony every day. I overeat sometimes. I drink way too much Diet Coke. What’s worse? Sometimes I can’t finish my meal and waste food that should be going to help others who are not as fortunate. And when I’m not overeating or drinking in excess, I’ll bet you I’m as gluttonous as they come when it comes to consumption in general. More, more, more! is the motto here in the Western World, where capitalism is king. Though I am forever indebted to capitalism, indulging our palates can sometimes lead to our downfall (which reminds me of pride, and we’re not quite there yet).


Thank you guys for reading Day 2 of the Seven Day Challenge! Your response for yesterday’s “Lust” is overwhelmingly supportive, and I feel so blessed to be able to share my ramblings with you all. ❀ Much love!

Thank you again, and until next time,



25 thoughts on “GLUTTONY (a poem)”

  1. I do like the way you have contrasted gluttony and starvation, the real sin is our neglect of those who starve and the callous and cruel way we discard food because we bought or made too much. Enjoy writing of the other sins πŸ™‚

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