GREED (a poem)

greed sickens me
everywhere i look

someone passes by,
just another crook

but there i am,
eyes in the mirror

and my heart drops,
things become clearer

i am guilty,
guilty as charged

chain my wrists,
sound the alarm

i open my mouth,
taste all this sin

“tread lightly, my dear,
or the devil will win.”


is the inordinate or insatiable longing for material gain, be it food, money, status, or power. -Wikipedia, the source of knowledge LOL

Greed, greed, greed. The stereotypes suggest that greed is most prevalent in the upper echelon of society, where the rich and fabulous only grow more rich and fabulous as time goes on. I associate this with Manhattan and Malibu and mansions and maids. But guess what? I’d bet all my money (which isn’t that much, I’m afraid) that we all struggle with this Deadly Sin.

Greed is a core flaw in our hearts. We want more, and we think we deserve more in all we do. And once we complete a goal or task, we’re likely to push even harder to climb the ladder another rung higher. While motivation and hard work can be a great thing, greed is not. It requires a certain amount of selfish energy coupled with sinful desires. Greed asks its inhabitant to put everything on the bottom shelf–except the self, because the self is the only thing on which to rely.


There you have it! Day 3’s done. Only four more poems to go in the Seven Deadly Sins challenge, and then we’ll head to some lighter, more positive virtue poems! I’m really excited to share those with you all as well–especially so we can have a more sunshiny tone on this blog again.

Thank you all for your support. ❤

Until next time,



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