SLOTH (a poem)

i want to do nothing
nothing at all

please turn off my lights
until i fall

asleep with my dreams
of nothing at all


is a habitual disinclination to exertion, or laziness.Β -Wikipedia, our trusty source

Well, let me just share my superior level of sloth with you guys. It is the night before this post will go live, and my laziness is at quite the peak. This poem took me five seconds to write, and I’m honestly too lazy (too much like a real sloth) to write more.

Laziness can be a real detriment to our productivity. We have one life to live, with twenty-four hours in each day. A big chunk of this is gobbled up by work and other activities that we may or may not find enjoyable. So why waste any additional time to sloth? (Even when they are this cute. Look at the picture below, and you will know what I mean. For those of you who may not understand, sloth in English can mean either laziness or this cute little lazy animal.)

Maybe you enjoy being a couch potato. I know I do. But then I recognize how much time is wasted, and it really hurts. Our bodies desire a certain amount of relaxation, but we cannot give in to this ideology 24/7.


Day 4 is already done. How? This is just a testament to the constant speed of time. We’re now halfway done with the Seven Deadly Sins challenge, which means there are only three poems left in this series.

Thank you as always for reading, and be on the lookout for tomorrow’s poem!

Much love,



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