i ache for altitude
as much as
i ache for solitude

shoot for the stars
yet i’d be
fine with the moon

i never want to come
down, not when
time comes so soon

can’t help who i am
just like you
can’t help being you


Thank you guys so much for joining me on this poetry journey! I hope you guys are reading to be spammed with this little picnic basket of poems from me. πŸ™‚ Over the next twenty-five days or so we’re going to dive into various topics, and I’m excited to see where the wind takes us.

This first poem, “Altitude,” is kind of obvious if you’ve read some of my work in the past. As a pilot I crave actual altitude, but when I’m on the ground, I crave a different sort of altitude. Β While there’s something magical about hanging out in the firmament, I think we all can relate to desiring mental altitude.

Okay, what the heck does this mean?

In my mind, it’s the desire to heighten one’s intelligence. Simply put, we’re wired to learn. We want to read more books, we want to absorb more information, we want to grow and hone our skills. We ache to fly into the wild world of our passions, and we want to untether ourselves from chains that bind us to the ground. Maybe this isn’t a physical flight for you, but I can guarantee there are certain feelings out there that make you feel like you’re soaring. Maybe this is writing, or quality time with friends, or studying your particular interests.Β But you know the feeling, the powerful realization that you’re getting higher and higher, and the view’s only getting better from up above.

Of course, we can only do things for so long, but that doesn’t stop us from aiming even higher next time. ❀


You guys are amazing. Thanks for reading this poem, and I hope you stick around for more ramblings from me. ❀

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.


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