like a chameleon
i wear a coat
of many colors:

one second emerald,
the next cerulean,
iridescent wonders.

i shift and shine
according to
sun and society,

and, bless stability,
but why not try
a slice of variety?

so catch me if you
can, before i go
and change again

and ask yourself:
do you truly know
who and what i am?


Well, here we go! Another poem for you lovely readers. A few days ago, I found myself realizing something pretty ridiculous about myself: I tailor my opinions to who I am talking to. While many people are blunt and speak what they truly believe, I have a tendency to either keep my opinions to myself or mirror what another person is saying so I do not offend him or her.

Ridiculous, I know, and this is something I need to work on. However, this fits the reflection of “Chameleon,” which really pokes fun at my choice to reveal different “skins” of myself rather than what’s truly on my heart.

This probably happens to you as well. You don’t want to offend someone, so you shift your words just a little bit so that a possible conflict is avoided. But when we do this, the truth is revealed: Do you truly know what you believe? And why are you so afraid to say what you do think is true? And if you don’t know, how in the world will anyone else be able to identify your true self in the meantime?


Thank you guys, as always, for your reading and support! I hope you enjoyed this poem, and look out for another one tomorrow. ❀

Until then,

-Katie Kay.


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