JOURNEY (a poem)

your journey in life
is never guaranteed:

you wonder, am i
ever truly free?

and i do not know
the answer quite yet

but one day i will,
after we have met


Hello, my dear readers! Today we’re embarking on a tiny ship bound for the inner sanctum of our minds. While onboard this ship, I want you to toss away any distractions and concentrate on the ebb and flow of our oceanic imagination. We’re tossed by waves in moments, and the next second it is as calm as can be: Yet what we’re headed somewhere, and even if we are unsure of the destination, it’s out there. We’ve just got to get to it first.

I’ll be honest: This poem is ridiculous. It starts out with the narrator (I guess me? Imagine yourself in the narrator’s shoes, please) questioning his or her freedom, and then heads down to: “Basically I’ll know my freedom when I’ve met the right person.”

Let’s just say, I’m not really in agreement with this theory. I think you find freedom in yourself and your choices, but this is what I wrote, so we’re analyzing it. Maybe some have found freedom and their journeys through other people; I would argue that my journey is headed one way, and it’ll be better with people on the same boat as me, but not simply because one person has influenced my thinking in any way.

I think I’m rambling now, so we’ll end it on this note: Be yourself, and trust that you will make it to where you want to go at some point. 🙂


Thank you, my dear readers! I wish you all a great day, and I hope you are happy and healthy. ❤

Until tomorrow,

-Katie Kay.


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