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Thank you for checking out my book information! All of my published novels can be found on Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and the Kindle Store (among other formats). Recently I have made these books available in paperback form, which you can click on the link below. The following is a list of those that are currently published!

  • Sirimiri (2016)
  • Letting Go (2016)
  • Six, Maybe Seven (2017)
  • The Question (2017)
  • The Forever Optimist (2018)
  • Dark Descent (2018)
  • Mystic Mississippi (2018)
  • The Third Wheel (2018)
  • The Wedding Party (2018)
  • The Blind Date (2018)
  • Yours Truly (2019)
  • Church Boy (2019)
  • burned into a realist (2020)


The long, open desert… And four strangers who remember nothing of their past lives, loves, and experiences. Four people who will have to band together in order to unlock the door that blocks their memory… And to survive a wild journey in the scorching summer sun.

Genre: Science fiction, adventure


Summer in Breezewater, Georgia, equals sun, sand, and sweet drama. Now that California college kid Sarah Towson is back home for the summer, she finds a relationship with an old amigo she never knew she had, Joel Sealet. Together Sarah and Joel discover that this one summer they share will better define their futures, and even if they have to let it go, they’ll understand it was well worth it…

Genres: Young adult, romance; Romance, general


Young college grad Emma Richmond finds herself a bridesmaid in six weddings over the course of six months. While battling her new job as a casting director’s assistant’s assistant, Emma travels to six different venues along California’s coast and beyond. On the way, Emma begins a relationship with a Hollywood actor who may teach her that there is more to life than falling love.

Genres: Romance, general; Fiction, coming of age; My own words–>an anti-romance romance


“Mom, how did you meet Dad?” This simple, simple question sparks a convoluted answer that introduces us to a group of young adults trying to survive the ridiculously humid Southern metropolis of Memphis, Tennessee, and, through it all, the story of how two people meet despite dramatic circumstances.

Genre: Romance, general


In a tropical beach town on Florida’s Emerald Coast, a young woman’s devout optimism is put to the test when she is thrown into a bizarre love triangle.

Genres: Chick lit; Romance, contemporary


In the wealthy oasis of Malibu, California, something utterly deceptive falls out of the sky and threatens to change human history forever… …while two college students find themselves in a reality as terrifying as their chance of a successful escape.

Genres: Science fiction, apocalyptic; horror, general


Mystic, Mississippi, is your ideal Southern town. It’s got a town square, busybodies galore, and enough sweet tea to fill a football stadium. Then there’s Amy Lee Brandon, a meddling mother who decides to matchmake her sarcastic, lovable daughter, Clara, with their new handsome neighbor. What could go wrong? Well, welcome to Mystic.

Genre: Romance, contemporary


Kristina Flores is a young woman who always seems to be a favorite third wheel. When a mysterious man saves her from a failed three-person date, Kristina discovers that she may have found someone to share her pain. And it may take a village (which includes Kristina’s dramatic Argentine American family) and an arranged trip to the Cayman Islands to help this couple find love for just the two of them.

Genre: Romance, contemporary; Romance, general


A best friend, a brother, and a wedding that will change their lives forever…

When Miranda Flores is employed to help her best friend’s boyfriend find the perfect engagement ring, she is shocked to learn that none other than the best man, Wade Bradley, will be assisting her with the pick. However, it is one miraculous Southern California wedding that will push these two together…

Genre: Romance, contemporary; Romance, general


You never know whom you’re going to get…

Tessa Flores is a bubbly, outgoing librarian who is set up on a blind date with the awkward but kind Dev Virani, a computer programmer. As the two are introduced and learn they have more in common than they thought, the mysterious Oscar Owens poses that they take part in an elaborate treasure hunt that sends them to some of Memphis’s most interesting haunts: salsa clubs, antiques malls, the Mississippi River… All while learning that love is the most rewarding treasure of all.

Genre: Romance, contemporary; Romance, general


Eight years ago Eliza Oehlstrom was a college senior aching to graduate and get discovered by New York literary agents. Today Eliza Oehlstrom is a bestselling writer who has retreated to the quiet Mississippi hills.

Both Elizas are forced to reckon with unwarranted and haunting notes from a stranger only known as Yours Truly, who seems to know Eliza’s every move. But Eliza can only take so much.

Told from these two time periods, YOURS TRULY poses the question: Are we ever really alone?

Genre: Psychological thriller; Suspense


In the far from quiet small town of Colonia, Mississippi, Sundays equal church, fellowship, and matchmaking central. In the particular church of First Baptist Colonia, a young woman’s arrival will set off a chain reaction of events when she meets a particular man of faith.

Genre: Christian romance


Lose yourself in the imagination, in the world of your dreams… But remember to consider what your reality really is along the way…

This poetry collection is split into five parts: A-Z, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Heavenly Virtues, College Class Confessions, and Late Night Candle Side. Throughout the collection you will find emotion, question, and reason–and your presence is required to discover more.

Genre: Poetry


While you can search my name on the aforementioned sites for eBooks, if you’d like my novels in paperback form, you can check them out here: Paperbacks.

While I do believe writers should be paid, my aim in writing isn’t to sell novels; it’s to share them. Therefore, my eBooks are free on all formats, except for the Kindle Store (where my books are $2.99). If you’re looking for a free copy, I’d recommend reading my books on an iPad. But if you’re like me and prefer paperback versions (sorry, trees!), my novels range in price, but average around $10.

*Important note: My promise to you is that I try my hardest with editing, but I’m imperfect. If you catch any typos, mistakes, or formatting errors, please let me know as soon as possible so I can correct any issues. Thank you for your patience!