Though I have been blogging for the past year, I feel like I don’t talk about myself too much. My posts always relate to my books and my year abroad in Argentina, and so I have decided to follow some Youtubers’ footsteps and answer a few questions for you guys…

*On a little side note, I want to clarify that I’m not really one to dwell on myself; I love learning about others more! So this may be a rare post. 🙂 Also, these questions are pretty generic. I may make a more detailed Q & A in the future, depending on how I feel.


1. What’s your favorite candle scent?

Cinnamon smells like heaven… So anything related to autumn, probably.

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

Emily Blunt seems like a genuinely awesome person, and I’ve loved her ever since The Devil Wears Prada. If she were my sister, John Krasinski would be my brother-in-law, so…

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

I love Winston Bishop from New Girl, but he’s a fictional character. Oh well, that counts in my book. 🙂

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

Late twenties. We’ll see when he actually shows up though. (Chico, you can show up anytime, thank you.)

5. Do you know a hoarder?

I actually do… One who has nearly twenty cats and a haunted house full of secrets! This has inspired me to not hoard.

6. Can you do a split?

Not without splitting my leg muscles.

7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

Probably five, but my memory is absolute trash. I love to ride bikes, though.

8. How many oceans have you swum in?

Two: The Pacific and the Atlantic. I love the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida, but the Pacific Coast along California is amazing.

9. How many countries have you been to?

The United States (my home), Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Perú, and Chile. If I learned to count, that would make six. 🙂

I love to travel though, and I really want to visit Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, and the Middle East. Basically I want to see the whole world!

Me, Katie George, in Salta, Argentina (October 2017).

10. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

I have always wanted to name one of my daughters Claire Elizabeth. Living in Argentina introduced me to the name Delfina, which means dolphin in Spanish, and I find that name breathtaking!

11. What would you name your son if you had one?

I want to have a lot of children… But for sure I will name two of my sons James and Samuel.

 Credit: Deeply Dapper. While I love studying myths and conspiracy theories, I do not necessarily believe that these monsters/aliens/creepy things actually exist.

12. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?

This may make me sound like a total dork (which I am), but I always watched the Travel Channel and HGTV as a kid (still do). I especially loved travel documentaries on the most haunted locales around the globe and other specials on UFOs and el chupacabra and the Loch Ness Monster and… I could go on.

13. What did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight?

Again, since I have the memory of a fish, I’m not really sure. I know I went as a doctor one year, Cleopatra the next, and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean another year. Those are the only three I remember.

14. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?

I just read the first Harry Potter book last Christmas, but I have read and seen the Hunger Games and Twilight books and movies. If I had to choose a series, I’d probably pick Twilight, but I’m not really a fan of any of these. (Sorry to all the fans, hopefully you’ll still like me!)

15. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?


16. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

I speak English and am pretty fluent in Spanish (after a year in Argentina, I don’t know how much more fluent I will become lol). If I had to choose another language, I’d probably pick Afrikaans or something really out there.

17. Do you spell the color as grey or gray?

This is a really dumb question. For a person’s name, I prefer Grey; but for the color, it is gray. At least in American English.

18. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?


19. Have you ever had Indian food?

No, but I’m absolutely game to try!

20. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant?

I love anything Tex-Mex, and that includes queso (also known as cheese dip). For those of you are confused, queso is typically a bowl of white, melted cheese that is like heaven to the tongue!

21. Have you ever been to Olive Garden?

Way too many times. While I love their pasta, a friend introduced me to their gnocchi soup, and it is delicious.

22. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

Supposedly, they would have named me Garrett. I cannot even begin to imagine…

23. If you have a nickname, what is it?

Katie Kay! Some people call me KG, Katarina, Maggot…

24. Who’s your favorite person in the world?

My sister.

25. Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs?

I’ve lived in both, and I’d probably pick a rural area close to the suburbs…

26. Can you whistle?


27. Do you sleep with a nightlight?

If I am alone, I do…

28. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

I LOVE dreams… I love analyzing dreams, telling dreams… DREAMS, DREAMS, DREAMS.

But I probably don’t remember them that much, which is unfortunate. Every morning I will ask friends/family about their dreams so that we can dig deep into the psyche.

29. What flavor tea do you enjoy?

Altitude sickness: Coca tea. Bronchitis: Earl Grey. Me without ailments: Diet Coke.

30. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?

Too many… Probably fifteen. This may be a small number or a big number, depending on who you are, but fifteen is too many.

31. What religion will you raise your children to practice?

Christianity, but it will ultimately be their choice.

A quick stop in Bariloche, Argentina (April 2018). Fun fact: I had bronchitis and mosquito bites all over my face during this time…


There you have it. Thirty-one questions. You may hate me now, or you may like me. The choice is yours! Anyway, it was kind of fun to answer some basic questions, even though these were very basic and not too deep.

I hope you guys are having a great start to July, and I will write soon. Comment on this post if you have any further questions or concerns about mi vida.

Until next time,