in the midnight black (A POEM)

in the midnight black
nothing is as it seems
time is just a product
a product of your dreams

some men will bare their hearts
and others will stay silent
yet no matter your side
your heart will bleed violence

violence, violence against whom?
in this darkness i only see you


There is a certain mystery that comes with the night. Instinctively we know that the darkness is a time for sleep and rest; yet there is much more symbolism to this magical time.

Though my favorite part of the day is the morning, I have always held a special appreciation for night. Somehow it is easier to dissect my feelings, because there is so much waiting underneath my skin. For whatever reason, the darkness allows me to examine my thoughts in a totally different manner than in in the daytime. This probably relates to hormones or something, but there is no mistaking that standing in the darkness produces a different reaction that standing in the sunlight.

Therefore, “nothing is as it seems” because time is a weird but terrifically important component of our lives. If there was no time, our sense of the world would be tilted one hundred and eighty degrees. While I do believe that time is necessary, I think that it is also nice to forget it exists once in a while, so that we are not focused or worried on what is to come.

The second stanza of this poem shifts from the perspective on time to something a little more nuanced. At nighttime it is easier for me to open up about my problems and worries, and I believe this rings true for some of you as well. However, some choose silence instead, as the night opens a new cavern for them to dissect the meaning of life.

The most dramatic lines of this poem, “yet no matter your side / your heart will bleed violence,” are not meant to avow images of bloodshed and gore. Instead, these lines are to dramatize the concept of humanity. For me, the darkness exposes some of my deep-seated flaws, as I am more willing to share who I am with others and myself. When we allow our hearts to open up, we can see that we are damaging ourselves just as much as the natural world can.

Violence has two main definitions. 1) Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. 2) Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.

In the darkness, my heart bleeds violence, against my own sins and my own shortcomings. It is at night when I see who I really am. The absence of light, funnily enough, exposes me more than the day ever could.


Thanks for reading another poem from yours truly. I am excited for the next posts that will come on this blog, and in the meantime I am enjoying yours as well. Stay safe, and have a beautiful week.

Until next time,


Los Angeles, California (Perspective from the Griffith Observatory // April 2019)