PATIENCE (a poem)

our lives are measured
in heart beats and ruby
red stop signs

we close our eyes, and
the next second a year
has gone on by

we grow sick and tired
of the same old things,
the same old lies

and wonder when it will
be our time to find
love, liberty, life

just remember, old soul,
that wounds and bruises
don’t heal overnight

but with patience
i’m sure you’ll overcome,
and be just fine


the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain,without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like.

Frustration and a loss of temper are terrible feelings that dry our insides out. However, a shower of patience can do quite the trick, if you’re able to recognize the feeling. Patience is hard to master. It’s an emotion that requires time and work, and most of us are people on-the-go. We want things to go according to plan in a timely fashion, and if they don’t we’re on the warpath.

This is when we must learn patience. Nothing in life is a guarantee or assurance. We must be willing to come to grips with that, and take a few moments to breathe, regroup, and assess. While I am not advocating for getting trampled on, I do think a patient person is generally wiser than a rash person, as a patient person is more willing to work with others in the process of life.

The next time you grow irate or annoyed, consider patience as a salve. Use it, and see the results. ❤

(If you want to read my poem “Wrath” (the antithesis of patience), check it out here.)


Thank you guys for reading Day 5 in this Seven Day Challenge. I cannot believe we only have two days left, but I am excited to share other materials that I’ve been preparing during my time of poetic reflection.

Remember to have patience today, and comment below how being patient has helped you in the past!

Much love,




patience is a virtue (A POEM)

patience is a virtue
i have not yet learned

restraint is a value
my stubborn heart spurned

reserve is a residue
my hot blood has burned

composure is a curfew
my soul has not earned

but you are the breakthrough
for which i have yearned


Hello, my dear readers! Since you all enjoyed my last poem “a dream killed me,” I felt compelled to come up with this guy. So, here we go again with my attempt at explaining my poems. I’m not sure if anyone else does this, but there is something really fun about going through my poetry with you guys. I love hearing your thoughts on what you read between the lines. ❤

The first two lines (baby stanza hehe) of this poem is what came to me first: “patience is a value / i have not yet learned.” A common theme in my thinking is, “If I could just be somewhat patient…” This can apply to anything in life: Not completing a goal, wishing my hair would grow longer, waiting for something to happen, etc.

The rest of the poem came pretty fast after the first lines. I wanted rhyming, but things had to make sense. And while I wanted the main piece to revolve around these feelings of impatience and frustration as to when things don’t go according to plan, I felt there needed to be a ray of sunshine at the end, something that counteracts the more dramatic lines in the beginning. “but you are the breakthrough” is meant to convey the truth that things will change when we allow them to.

It’s my observation that we fall into ruts that we can climb out of, but sometimes we have to be more forceful than normal in order to free ourselves. That can be anything from prayer to help from others to whatever you think that “you” of this poem can be. I hope that is clear to you guys: The “you” is whatever you want it to be.

All right, enough ranting from me. Your turn to analyze, if you want.

Thank you guys so much! What a joy it is to write.

Until next time,


The craft of 13-year-old photographer Genevieve (Arlington, TN // May 2019)