barrier (a poem)

on a chilly golden shore
we stand, shoes forgotten
on the concrete. time
is our only barrier,
not the vast ocean before us.

there is so much to be said,
but no one wants to say
what we’re all thinking:
we are growing older,
wave by wave.

in only a little while, we will fade
away, a sunset of adolescent dreams
and wishful thinking, and so
the questions pore out of us
like crabs peeking from the sand.

who will we be, time? who will we
become? when we come back,
if we come back, things
will be different, and i will
always wonder why.


I wrote this poem for creative writing class in October 2018. I remember reflecting on my friend group at the time, as we enjoyed taking late night escapades to the ocean. While some college kids prefer drunkenness at frat houses, my friends and I wanted nothing but a quick rendezvous to the sea, where we could run around like total goofs. This used to be a common theme for us. Someone would send out a text, and then we were rushing to a car to get to that ocean as fast as we could.

Over time this practice began to wither away. As the school year nudged on, we became busier with projects, homework, jobs, and flight time rather than being stupid kids with nothing better to do.

I will always be able to look back fondly at where the inspiration of this poem came, but I still appreciate how life operates. We are never guaranteed anything on this planet, and that’s okay. Relationships sour, and situations strike us down, but we have our memories until the day we die, and this can uplift us in times of stress and sadness.

Time is a blessing and a curse. It’s a barrier in the sense that it blocks us from eternity on this planet, but sometimes it’s the barriers that force us to realize what we need to do in our lives. Just because a barrier is there does not mean it can’t be broken.

Today I’m going to ask you to consider your own barrier. What is the thing that is constricting you in this moment? When did this barrier first become prevalent in your life? Why is it prevalent in the first place?

Just ponder for a few moments…

Malibu, California (December 2018)


Thank you, my dear readers. You guys are constantly inspiring me to challenge myself when it comes to writing, and I really appreciate it.

❤ ❤ ❤



MARCH 1, 2019

Hello, my wonderful readers!

It is the first day of March, and that means spring is just around the corner (at least in the Northern hemisphere). I’m ready for fresh flowers, clean air, and the rejuvenation that comes with my favorite season of the year. Spring is a symbol for Earth’s revitalization, where green replaces the deadness of winter; plants bloom in full abundance; and we catch a few moments of sunny, breezy days before the scorch of summer.

So, to celebrate the first day of March, I want to briefly mention some things that are on my mind in anticipation for the springtime ahead.

Flowers… Perfect for springtime.


February was a hard month, but it taught me the importance of friendship and family. It also taught me that nothing is set in stone, and it never has been. Some humans crave stability, and others desire the opposite. I think I’m in the middle here, but I’ve learned that stagnation leads to rifts in my happiness.

Sometimes we can’t control the change in our lives, but sometimes we can. Instead of wallowing in what is tossed our way, however, we must remember that we can find immeasurable growth in the darkest spots.

I’m learning to embrace the change in my life, and it feels weird and wild and natural. If life didn’t hurl mysteries our way, then we’d be chugging along in boredom. But when we recognize that things are shifting in our life path, we can harness this energy into something positive.

Life is going to be hard. That is a guarantee. Change will come, whether we want it to or not. It’s up to us whether we’re going to embrace the future, or fear it instead.


When I dropped out of my spring break trip to Hawaii, I was adamant that I needed to fly as much as possible. For those of you who don’t know, I’m working on my private pilot license, and the weather hasn’t been too great in California this past year. I’m lucky to fly once or twice a week normally. But then the skies opened, the sun bled through the clouds, and I was able to fly four days in a row. The weather was absolutely perfect, and if I had gone on that trip, I would have lost valuable time to fly.

There was a perfect window of opportunity, and I flew through it. 😉 The same can be applied to your life as well. Now I’m not going to say you should always listen to your heart. We’re only human, and we do stupid things at times, because we want what we want. We’re selfish and stubborn, and that can be problematic.

But if we never listened to our hearts, we would find no passion for the world around us. If we had no emotion or feeling, then what would be the point of anything at all?


A lot of you guys can relate to this, I’m sure. Most of us bloggers are writers. We find value in what we write, and there’s a sort of addiction to sharing our thoughts and seeing them in the form of words. 

At college I get minimal writing done, and when I come home, I’m struck by a million jolts of creative energy. Being home for the past few days has given me the chance to write, reflect, and realize that we are all given talents and gifts to return to the world.

What is yours? What makes you happiest, and what’s something you want to share with the world? We were all placed on this Earth for a purpose, and each purpose relates to the rest of humanity. I think this is an interesting point to ponder on, as there are billions of people on this planet, and even more who were before and will be after us.

What is your purpose? It’s a difficult question, but there is an answer. 🙂


As always, thank you for reading this post. I know it’s a short one, but I wanted to share some things with you before this weekend. You all are amazing, one-of-a-kind individuals with immeasurable potential. This month I challenge you to consider that things are not always going to be what you plan, but that’s okay too. As we enter this new season, we will find strength in our weakest moments, and that is something tantamount to the human experience.

There is so much joy in the world around us. ❤

Until next time,


More fake flowers. So beautiful, though!!

P.S. Today is also one of my good friend’s birthdays, so I’d love to send her a special shoutout. 🙂